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  • The Catholic Apostolic Church in North America

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We welcome everyone to

St. Theresa's Parish

Catholic Recovery Church

If you are single, divorced, or remarried, you are welcome here.
If you are LGBTQI, married, you are welcome here.

If you are recovering or have been imprisoned, you are welcome here.
If you are young, young-at-heart, or don't want to say, you are welcome here.
If you attended church yesterday or thirty years ago, you are welcome here.


Update on Services


St. Theresa’s Parish is a spiritual community that does not have a brick-and-mortar facility but serves all God’s people. We are not defined by a specific location. As many spiritual communities have learned during COVID gathering in a specific place isn’t a requirement to have a supportive worship community and/or spiritual support community. Virtual services seem to be the future of spiritual communities.

St. Theresa’s Parish will provide worship/spiritual support upon request:

• Baptisms

• Home Masses

• Weddings

• Memorial Services

• Individual and group spiritual support.

Services are available upon request and based upon availability.

Please join us every Sunday on St. Theresa’s Facebook page for streaming Mass at 11:00 A.M. Central Time. Link below: